Acai Berries - What’s The Big Deal? Next Gen Superfood

The Acai berry is an amazing superfood native to South America. This fruit of the acai palm, which grows in Brazil and Peru is 90% seed and 10% pulp; they also have a very high fat content, meaning they do not last long in their fresh state and are generally unavailable fresh outside of the areas where grown.  However, the pulp can be frozen or freeze dried and powdered for export.

Frozen acai pulp and acai powder is full of protein, calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. The acai berry is an excellent source of antioxidant possibilities, having more than orange juice, red wine or tea. Anthocynanin, the antioxidant compound in the highest concentration in the fruit is very beneficial to your health. In fact, the ORAC proclaims the acai berry to be the most nutritious edible berry known.

Consuming Acai berry in most of its forms improves the functioning of the digestive system and helps stimulate brain responses. The fiber content of the berry detoxifies the body effectively. This leads to healthier and more radiant looking skin.

Due to its protection of the nervous system it helps diagnose neurological illnesses. It reduces the chances of cancer, the protein content of it is higher than that of eggs, the circulatory system also benefits from it and it is also believed to improve the libido. It reduces inflammation and is very good for diabetic patients.

Oprah Winfrey says about the Acai berry: “This little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. It can often be found in juice form in health food and gourmet stores.” No wonder it is considered to be the new age power food.

The high level of protein in the acai berry helps to control cholesterol levels and stimulates digestion. It’s heart healthy too – it contains fatty acids which are as powerful as those in olive oil! These omega 3 fatty acids also act as antioxidants and along with its vitamin E content, helps keep you looking and feeling younger.

The Acai berry is a versatile fruit – if you are lucky enough to live where it is available fresh, it can be eaten out of hand. The pulp and powder can be mixed into yogurt, made into ice cream or put in smoothies and shakes.

Athletes like the natural energy they get from acai, along with all of the other nutritional benefits offered by this fruit. The acai berry is becoming increasingly available and many are choosing acai over supplement capsules and powders..